The 223 Remington calibre

The 223 Remington cartridge came out in 1957; metrically, it is a 5.56x45 mm. Although it is very close to the 222 Remington, they are not interchangeable. The 223 Remington cartridge is sized differently, and cannot be loaded in a gun chambered for the 222 Remington. The 223 Remington cartridge is known by its military name, the 5.56x45 mm; the 223 Remington works in guns chambered for the 5.56x45 mm (or 5.56 NATO) cartridge. The main difference between the 223 Remington cartridge and the 5.56 mm NATO is the lower pressure and velocity of the 223 Remington calibre, which means it can be used in 5.56 mm NATO chambered guns. The 223 Remington is typically used to hunt predators and small mammals such as deer. The cartridge is loaded with a .224 inch (5.69 mm) diameter bullet with a mass usually between 2.59 and 5.83 grams (40 to 90 grains), although the most commonly used bullet weights are between 3.56 and 4.15 grams. Winchester has four high-performance loads that will cover all eventualities for a fine hunting experience with the 223 Remington.

Controlled expansion
Extreme on varmint
Quick and massive knock down
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