The 338 Winchester Magnum calibre

The 338 Winchester Magnum calibre was brought out in 1959; its cartridge is directly derived from the belted 458 Winchester Magnum bottlenecked to hold a .338-inch (8.59 mm) bullet. It was originally meant for the Winchester Model 70 Alaska, but quickly became popular for hunting American big game. It is widely used around the globe thanks to its remarkable effectiveness against North American and European mammals that require high stopping power, and is an extremely popular ammunition in America. It is highly recommended for hunting in extreme conditions, but is little used as a sporting cartridge despite the appreciable accuracy and shooting comfort it offers for a magnum calibre. Winchester offers two loads with high performance 12.96-gram (200-grain) bullets that will satisfy any requirements on walked-up hunts as well as driven hunts, a type for which the 338 Winchester is perfectly suited.

Quick and massive knock down
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