The 8x57 JS calibre

The 8x57IS calibre, also named the "JS", where the S stands for Spitzgeschoss (pointed bullet), was originally fitted with a 9.90-gram Spitzer bullet for military use with the German army issue K98 rifle. The name is still used today, even though different types of bullet are now fitted, in particular for hunting. This medium-power calibre is well suited for driven hunts against big game. The 8x57JS is currently a popular choice among hunters in Europe with sports and recreational shooters. It is also suited to hunting from a hide and walked-up hunting, and is used in bolt-action, lever-action, semi-automatic and pump-action guns. The 8x57 JRS cartridge is suitable for hunting all types of large game. Winchester offers an 8x57 JS load with an ultra-versatile 12.64-gram (195-grain) Power Point bullet.

Quick and massive knock down
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