High velocity With its 36g load and 20mm head, this powerful cartridge is efficient and ideal for difficult shots. Its exceptional efficiency and high speed make it the preferred shell of numerous shooters for all medium to long distance shooting ranges!

The Super Speed® Generation 2 carries on the legend born some 50 years ago! Today, strengthened by its prestigious heritage of this pioneer cartridge, the new Super Speed® Generation 2 once again establishes new standards in hunting. The core of this new outstanding cartridge is its innovative G2 powder. This cartridge uses a perfect balance between its essential parameters of the load, speed, pressure and pattern, thus offering a guaranteed efficiency and regularity that are necessary for your special hunts. Connoisseurs will rediscover, with nostalgic pleasure, the distinctive signs of this legendary cartridge, like the flat box or the welded star crimping in its centre. Greater speed and controlled pressure The secret of this new G2 powder lies in its controlled vivacity, translated to a reduced pressure during its combustion. Our engineers had thus been able to increase the quantity of the powder in each shell and thereby increase its speed by almost 20m/s, all while keeping the pressure under the limit of 740 BAR. Regularity of patterns The new Super Speed® Generation 2 is loaded with the type-”Z” wad with 4 compression legs. This specifically designed plastic wad enables an excellent ratio in its regularity of the Super Speed® patterns, even with the significant improvement in speed, and even at great distances. Welded Crimping By welding the centre of the starred crimp, the shell is thus completely sealed and the pellets are enclosed within, perfectly protected while providing a greater regularity of pressure.

The most homogeneous shot pattern For developing the new Special Fibre family of shells, Winchester® technicians have combined the best in tradition and top quality with all the reliability of modern techniques. The famous pink grease wad provides perfectly balanced dispersion of shot between the centre and the outside of the shot pattern, to guarantee the effectiveness of your shots, irrespective of whether they are at birds in flight or whenever vegetation separates you from the rabbit or woodcock that you have in your sights. Increased regularity and faultless reliability under all conditions of use. Particularly rich and available in different loads and calibres: calibre 12 in 32g, 34g and 36g as well as calibre 20 in 28g.

Dense woods shell. A disperser wad and high velocity assure a long and regular dispersion of the pattern while the 34g load guarantees a sufficient hit ratio even if a covering separates you from your rabbit or woodcock target.

The "Special Petits Calibres" has been created for giving owners of a calibre 20 performances worthy of a calibre 12. A 28g load and nickel-plated shot for increased penetration and an improved shot-pattern. The "Special Petits Calibres" gives you the opportunity of using your calibre 20 for hunting all types of game the whole year through.

Light and medium game The Super X® Slug is the fastest and flattest Winchester® slug for smooth shotguns. Due to its 28g weight and its hollow rear, this bullet combines speed and precision. Ideal for roe deer and boar hunting, the Super X® slug consists of a lightly hollowed point for maximum effect and impact surface. Usage: light and medium game at medium distance.

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