Its high speed (415m/s) and 28g load in hard, perfectly spherical shot make the new Winchester® Parcours a super efficient cartridge for Sporting clays and the disciplines derived from it, as well as on long-distance shooting ranges.

Accustomed to being on podiums, the SILVER is the most prestigious Winchester® sporting cartridge. All of its components were selected to guarantee the best performances in all shooting disciplines: 22mm head and Winchester® 3-legged Wad for a regular distribution of pattern.

The specialised shooting cartridges are also available in steel pellets. This superior cartridge with standard pressure may be used in all shotgun proofed at 930 Bar. The Steel pellets do not deform with that passage of the chokes and thus offer a high quality patterns.

The 24g Streukreuz is a specific cartridge used in short-distance shooting in sporting shotguns. The plastic disperser wad guarantees a large dispersion of shot at a very short distance, even in shotguns with a full choke.

Winchester® AA® TrAAckerTM shotshells provide instant feedback on lead and aim, enabling a first-shot miss to become a second-shot success. Since 1965, the Winchester AA has been recognized as one of the best sports shells ever designed. On the basis of this legendary excellence, Winchester has launched the AA TrAAcker shell, which offers an ideal shot-pattern. The design of the core traps the shot and captures it for stabilising the wad, which remains in the centre of the shot's trajectory right up to the target. Unique helix shaped petals stabilize the wad by rotating it and keeping it in the centre of the shot pattern. The AA TrAAcker is available in two colours: Bright orange for difficult shooting conditions and black for shooting in stronger light.

The X2 is the super shell from Winchester®, at the best price. Available in different pellets sizes and three levels of payloads (24g/28g/32g), it is practical for all shooting disciplines. The X2 is Winchester® performance at the best price.

With its steel load, the X2 Steel offers the best compromise between performance and competitive price while conforming to the strictest environmental standards. Classified as standard pressure, it may be shot in all shotguns proofed at 930 BAR. In 24g and 28g, it is available in number 7 to substitute number 7.5 lead pellets. Perfectly adapted to skeet, the X2 Steel is also loaded in 24g No. 9.

The new type-T2 plastic wad with its 2 superposed compression areas optimises the distribution of shot and thus guarantees a lighter recoil even at great speeds.

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