The 222 Remington calibre

The 222 Remington is a centrefire cartridge brought out by the Remington Arms Co. in 1950. It is a bottlenecked case cartridge, a slightly scaled-down version of the 30-06 Springfield calibre from which it is directly derived. It is the smallest centrefire calibre with this type of case that is used for hunting in Europe. It was also the first small-calibre bottleneck calibre made in the United States. The bullets fitted to this calibre usually weight between 3.24 and 3.56 grams (50 and 55 grains), which deliver better results, especially against small vermin such as foxes, medium-size mammals such as roe deer, and in target shooting. The 222 Remington’s excellent accuracy up to 200 metres makes it a very popular choice. Although named the 222 Remington, the bullet is actually a .224 in (5.70 mm), not a .222 in (5.56 mm). And although American in origin, the 222 Remington calibre is not much used in the United States, where the 223 Remington is more popular with target shooters and hunters. The 222 Remington is very popular in Europe, particularly in countries where regulations impose restrictions. It is a category C “hunting ammunition” in France, whereas the 223 Remington is a category B ammunition that requires prefectural authorisation. Winchester offers a 222 Remington calibre load.

Quick and massive knock down
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