The 280 Remington calibre

The 280 Remington calibre is also known as the 7mm Remington Express, although the latter term has been somewhat abandoned due to it being confused with another calibre. The 280 Remington was introduced in 1957 with immediate success. It is based on a 30-06 case necked-down to hold a .284-inch (7.21 mm) bullet. Although very similar to the 270 Winchester, the two are not interchangeable and cannot be chambered in place of each other by accident. The 280 Remington generally uses bullet masses of 8.10 grams (125 grains), 9.07 grams (140 grains), 9.72 grams (150 grains) and 10.69 grams (165 grains). The 280 Remington generates slightly higher velocities than the 270 Winchester for a given bullet mass and its slightly larger actual diameter of .284 inch means it can use heavier bullets. Bullets with a higher ballistic coefficient together with the higher kinetic energy give the 280 Remington a slight ballistic advantage over the 270 Winchester. It is a highly versatile calibre that is suitable for hunting any mammals in Europe and the USA. Winchester offers a load with the excellent 9.07-gram Ballistic Silvertip ammunition.

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