The 375 Winchester calibre

The 375 Winchester is also known as the 375 Big Bore. This is a modernised version of the 38-55 Winchester, which was initially a black powder cartridge first produced early in 1880. Winchester presented this calibre in 1978 together with the famous Winchester Model 94 “Big Bore” rifle with finger lever. The 375 Winchester calibre cartridge is a high-performance ammunition of terminal ballistics. Although the two cartridges are similar, they are not interchangeable: the 375 Winchester has a 1.65 mm shorter socket length and operates at much higher pressures (3800 Bars vs 2150 Bars). The 375 Winchester ammunition is in the same power category as calibres like the 8x57 IS or the 308 Winchester with bullet weights of around 13.00 grammes. The 375 Winchester is an excellent calibre for shots when driving big game in Europe and America, for which it has proven its value and been greatly appreciated. At first, the 375 Winchester cartridge was developed and introduced for hunting large mammals in undergrowth according to the same logic as the 307 Winchester, 356 Winchester, 358 Winchester, 35 Remington, 444 Marlin etc., with improved terminal ballistics. The 375 Winchester ammunition allows shooting from up to 150 metres with excellent effectiveness and a good safety level, since its bullet does not go astray over excessive distances. Winchester offers a Super X load with the Power Point ball of 12.96 grammes (200 grains), which gives excellent results for driving all large mammals.

Quick and massive knock down
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