The 7x64 mm Brenneke calibre

The 7 X 64 mm Brenneke calibre, named after its inventor, better known simply as the "7x64", is a German bottlenecked rimless centrefire cartridge specially developed for hunting big game. It was developed in 1915 and officially placed on the market in 1917. As with all cartridges that originated in Europe, its notation is metric, with the first digit indicating the bullet calibre and the second the case length. The 7x64 mm calibre is a very popular hunting cartridge in Europe as it can be loaded for use on big European game. The trajectory of 7x64 mm calibre bullets is flat, providing accurate long-range shots. The 7x64 mm was long considered the reference standard for hunting calibres in most of Europe. It still enjoys a strong reputation among European hunters, and Winchester offers a 10.50-gram (162-grain) Power point bullet load that can be used on all large mammals.

Quick and massive knock down
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