The 7mm-08Rem calibre

The 7mm-08 Remington was first produced in 1980; it is a rifle ammunition resulting from the adaptation of a cartridge of artisanal manufacture first produced in 1958 and known as the 7mm/308. Its design is mainly based on the reduction of the collar of the 308 Winchester socket to a diameter of 7 mm (.284). However, although the collar has been narrowed, the case is 0.51 mm longer than that of the 308 Winchester, which prevents a chambering error in a rifle of the calibre 308 Winchester. Of all the cartridges resulting from the original 308 Winchester calibre, this is one of the most popular after the 243 Winchester. The 7mm-08 Remington is highly appreciated by hunters for approaching and stalking, since it offers an excellent range of various uses, placing it in ballistic terms between the 243 Winchester and the 308 Winchester. With its ability to load bullets with a diameter of 7 mm, the mass of which can vary between 7.13 grammes (110 grains) and 11.34 grammes, it offers incomparable flexibility in use for hunting large mammals. Its low level of recoil makes it a cartridge of choice that enables shots of great precision. Winchester was one of the precursors in loading for this calibre, for which it offers totally optimised quality loads. Owners of 7-08 mm calibre rifles can thus be assured of being able to shoot at their ease all mammals from roe deer to the largest stags and wild boar in Europe or America.

Quick and massive knock down
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