The 9.3x74 R calibre

The 9.3x74 R calibre is a high-power European cartridge invented in Germany in the 1900s. The 9.3x74 R cartridge has a large-capacity case that can hold approximately 5.389 cm³ and which is straight-walled, gently tapering and slightly bottlenecked that can fit 9.30 mm diameter bullets whose mass usually varies between 12.50 grams (193 grains) and 18.50 grams (286 grains). This cartridge is only used in break-action or falling-block hunting rifles like the Ruger No. 1, and on medium-sized and large game. The 9.3x74 R is a very popular cartridge in Europe for hunting boar and large stag. It was originally designed for large European game such as moose, brown bears and polar bears, and became a popular cartridge on African safaris. The 9.3x744 R is still a popular cartridge for African plain hunts, especially in countries with a German connection such as Namibia, where it is more common than the 375 H&H Magnum. Winchester loads the 9.3x74 R calibre with the 18.53-gram (286-grain), 2,359-fps Power Point bullet.

Quick and massive knock down
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