1 bullet, 3 technologies for maximum effectiveness for stalking and driven hunt.

The new Power Max Bonded™ bullet, exclusively developed and loaded by Winchester®, is based on a combination of 3 technologies that work together for pushing performance and effectiveness limits even further back.

In Power Max Bonded™, thanks to the bonding process, the core and the jacket expand together without breaking or separating. The bullet has a very high weight retention which means maximum energy for lightening knockdown power and very deep penetration. The absence of any fragmentation of the bullet, despite its wide diameter after expansion (twice the initial diameter) guarantees an important permanent cavity, without any damage to flesh.

The protected hollow point guarantees fast optimal expansion at all distances and impact speeds. Moreover, with this design, the end of the bullet is kept in perfect condition when you load or unload your rifle, which is a decisive element for guaranteeing extreme accuracy.

Last but not least, jacket thickness at every point of the bullet has been studied to provide optimal expansion: a thinner tapered part at the front for providing perfect expansion at all impact speeds and for all types of game, thicker towards the back of the bullet for controlling the expansion process and guaranteeing high weight retention. In this way, the jacket’s design adds even more to the bonding technology.

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